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one month til publication

In one more month, my novel Wind Follower will be published by Juno Books. I hadn't gotten any panic attacks about it. Now I'm really beginning to get nervous.

Check this out as a blurb:

Imagine if:

the elders of your culture prophesied that foreigners would deliver the Creator's lost book to your shores.

the shaman in your culture don't mind having the Lost book ...if they are the ones to interpret it.

the Creator told you that you were destined to interpret the Lost Book and defeat the shaman

the culture that brings the lost book is also destined to take over your land and oppress your people.

Imagine love found and fallen!

Wind Follower, written by Carole McDonnell. And published by Juno Books

Okay, i could hype it:

The first book of the brand new genre of CHRISTIAN SPECULATIVE FICTION by red hot author CAROLE MCDONNELL!  Thrills, imagination and God's Holy Word all in (264) BIG PAGES!

 WIND FOLLOWER!  More imaginative than LORD OF THE RINGS!  More pious than THE LEFT BEHIND SERIES!  Good and good FOR you! Akin to literary fiber, scrubbing away the old mess that was old-timey Euro-based fantasy.

CAROLE MCDONNELL is destined to join the ranks of such authors as CS LEWIS (other Christian fantasy folks)

WIND FOLLOWER!  RUN--don't walk--to your bookstore and GET IT TODAY!
Publlished by JUNO BOOKS, the House of DEVOTION!

Dang! It's all getting so scary. I suspect the Christians will like it and also have a problem with it. Regular fantasy folks will like it but also have a problem with it. Feminists will like it and have a problem with it. Okay, Blacks shouldn't have a problem with it...but one never knows. I was recently told I was "not black." So we'll see what my people expect of me.

Buy Wind Follower Online

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