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5 December
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I'm a speculative fiction writer, Christian, minority. My blog will be about the intersection of those areas.

I am a writer of fiction, devotionals, poetry, reviews, and essays and my works have appeared in many publishing venues, in print and online. I live in New York with my husband, children, and pets.

Wind Follower, my first novel, is what I consider a charismatic missionary speculative fiction and is scheduled to be published by Juno books in June 2007

My writings appears in various anthologies:

"So Long Been Dreaming: Post-colonialism in science fiction," edited by Nalo Hopkinson and published by Arsenal Pulp Press;

"Fantastic Visions III" anthology published by Fantasist Enterprises;

"Jigsaw Nation" published by Spyre publications,

"Life Spices from Seasoned Sistahs: writings by mature women of color,"

"Then an angel came along" published by Pleasant Word Books,

"Nudges from God anthology" published by Obadiah Press,

"Nobody Passes: Essays in Gender and Identity" published by Seal Press